Relay Graduate School of Education

A graduate school experience that ensures all students are taught by outstanding educators.

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Online Instruction/Courses

At a Glance:

Relay GSE offers:
  • Alternate Teacher Certification: Relay offers a one-year alternate route to certification programs for full-time lead teachers. Hybrid model with a 60% in-person, 40% online program structure over three terms beginning in the summer.
  • Certification Areas: Early Childhood PK-3, Elementary Education 1-5, Middle School Math 4-8, Middle School ELA 4-8, Middle School Social Studies 4-8, Middle School Science 4-8, Secondary Math 6-12, Secondary ELA 6-12, Secondary Social Studies 6-12, Secondary General Science 6-12, Secondary Earth Science 6-12, Secondary Chemistry 6-12, Secondary Physics 6-12, Secondary Biology 6-12
  • Master of Arts in Teaching:  The two-year MAT program combines dynamic online and in-person learning with opportunities to apply new strategies. During this master's degree and state certification program (if interested), you will gain the practical skills needed to support PK-12 student learning and join a cohort of outstanding peers.
  • One-Year Alternative Certification Program: $4,500
  • Two-Year Master of Arts in Teaching with Certification: $15,000
Timeline of Application (due dates, rolling, etc): July 15th

About the Program

Program Values

Relay is on a mission to ensure that all students are taught by outstanding educators. Their vision is to build a more just world where every student has access to outstanding educators and a clear path to a fulfilling life.

Program Features
  • Innovate and Inspire — Relay was founded by innovative educators driven to improve PK-12 education through a bold vision for pragmatic and meaningful teacher preparation.
  • Learn from Top Educators — Relay’s instructors walk the walk. With years as educators and leaders, your professors are among the best in the field and will help prepare you for success.
  • Practical Curriculum — Relay’s curriculum combines theory and practical application, so you learn research-based teaching strategies that have the greatest impact on student learning.
  • Meaningful Feedback — Whether you are part of a teaching residency or pursuing leadership credentials, your instructors are on-hand to provide personal feedback to improve your skills.
Program Schedule

Earn while you learn — Relay's flexible online and in-person programs allow students to work full-time while earning their degrees.


Relay was founded by a group of innovative practitioners who had a bold vision for a new kind of teacher preparation, grounded in their classroom experiences. Through purposeful collaborations with local public schools and leaders in the field, Relay achieves innovation at scale and inform new models of excellence in educator preparation.

Successful candidates earn a Louisiana Level 1 state teaching certificate. Ideal candidates for this program are lead teachers with 1-5 years of experience who are committed to becoming certified and improving their craft.

Support for Candidates

Relay's approach to training teachers and principals is unique and begins with a curriculum rooted in pedagogical theory and evidence of what works best in schools. Programs emphasize practices that have the most significant impact on student learning and development.

Ready to Apply?

Next Steps
  • Fill out an application
  • After pre-screening, candidates will receive an invitation to a virtual interview or a rejection letter.
  • Complete virtual interview with the Relay Louisiana team
  • Within 7-10 business days, candidates receive an invitation to or rejection of the program

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