About BASIS Baton Rouge

At BASIS.ed our mission is to provide our students with a transformative K-12 education. With the cutting-edge BASIS Curriculum, through exceptional teaching and faculty mentoring, we will produce graduates who have broad intellectual capabilities, international perspectives, critical thinking proficiency, and creative problem-solving skills to be leaders in their future academic and professional lives.

More About This School

We Believe: 

Children can achieve more than they have commonly been told. With hard work, dedication, and the support of teachers and parents, 3rd graders can think critically, 6th graders can learn physics, and high school students can read critical theory and philosophy.

Instructional time is precious. Every minute of every class should be meaningful.

Mastering the basics is the precondition for going beyond them. Students learn to listen for the music of Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter and to decipher crucial details in an historical primary source, but they must also be able to parse the grammar of a sentence and craft concise and persuasive prose.

Homework, as long as it is an extension of what is being learned in the classroom, is valuable. Practice helps students achieve mastery.

High-stakes, summative tests that assess content mastery and learning skills (BASIS Curriculum Comprehensive Exams and the College Board Advanced Placement Exams, for example) are foundational for learning.

The evaluation of teacher performance must be based both on classroom instruction and on student learning results of high-stakes assessments.


A week-long summer training event to help new teachers integrate into the BASIS Curriculum Schools network, as well as connect with new colleagues.

Guidance from a network of Subject Area Advisors, mentor teachers that provide specific insights on teaching the BASIS Curriculum

Abundant resources to help you teach your subject to your fullest potential

Engaged and supportive parent community

We have a leadership development program to help teachers and staff grow into successful school leaders one day

Hiring Progress

Once an applicant applies, they will hear back from a recruiter to conduct an informational phone interview. From there, an in person interview will take place at the school as well as a teaching demonstration. All goes well, an offer would be presented shortly afterwards.