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1000 N. 23rd St. Baton Rouge, LA 70802

About Capitol High School

Capitol High School is committed to a transformation of culture and rewriting the narrative. Our overall goal is to provide a safe, joyful space for students to fall in love with learning, realize their full potential, and heal from trauma through nurturance and experiences that allow them to be high-impact members of society and well functioning, happy adults.

More About This School

When it comes to fit on campus we focus just as much on skill as we do will. We can teach anybody anything with the right mindset and attitude. We work hard and we play hard. We are affirming, warm, and collaborative. We are also serious about the business of doing what's best for kids, having strong systems and structures, and constantly iterating on our plans and ideas. 

We believe in intentional change management structures and constant feedback. We focus on the holistic wellness of our staff and our students. We believe in just cultural consequences and use Restorative Practices to dismantle white supremacy and the school to prison pipeline. 

We believe that this is hard work and HEART work: so passion and love has to be in everything we do. Sowing into our kids is just as important as sowing into our community if we are going to create the village necessary for them to survive and thrive. 

We believe in a turnaround environment you have to be “All IN, or you are IN the way”

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