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3172 Government Street Baton Rouge, La 70806

About Louisiana Key Academy

Louisiana Key Academy (LKA) provides students an evidenced-based education for children with dyslexia in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Louisiana Key Academy’s goal is to impart to the community an understanding of dyslexia; the recognition that it occurs in 1 in 5 children; and the importance of identifying children with dyslexia at an early age so that they may be given the appropriate remediation.

More About This School

Teachers use LKA core values to set classroom and school-wide expectations to aid students in developing strong character and to take responsibility for one’s actions. We embrace a responsive discipline model that prioritizes students taking responsibility for their actions. This enables us to nurture a school culture that causes our students to be successful in school and in the real world.

Hiring Progress

  • Apply to position
  • Phone Interview: Candidates would be invited to participate in an initial 20 minute long phone interview. 
  • Zoom or in-person interview: Candidate would be invited to either a zoom or in person interview 
  • Sample Lesson: Candidate would teach a sample lesson either virtually or in-person