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iteach Louisiana

Coursework is designed to be completed online while you start your teaching career with full pay.


Online Instruction/Courses

At a Glance:

Certification Areas:

There are over 37 different areas of certification. Reach out to for more information.



About the Program

Program Values
  • To develop premier educators to positively impact the growth of self and students.
Program Features
  • University partners provide participants with graduate credit and tuition discounts.
  • iteach Louisiana has a Continuing Education and Professional Development division that provides high-quality continuing education and video-based professional development through Learners Edge and Teaching Channel.


iteach Louisiana believes all students can learn and so do their teacher candidates. These programs help candidates meet the requirements for their state and prepare them to excel in the classroom.

Support for Candidates

Each teacher will be observed by an iteach Louisiana supervisor at least five times during their first year. iteach teachers will also have access to the nation’s best library of teaching videos to refer to and reflect on.

Professional Development

iTeach has two divisions, Teaching Channel and Learners Edge, that provide some of the best professional development available to teachers.

Since iteach is fully online and competency-based, a student’s day looks different for each student. Candidates can apply and enroll any day of the week and begin immediately once accepted.

Ready to Apply?

What to Expect:
  • Timeline of Certification Process: One year
  • You can apply any day of the week and the admission process takes 2-3 days to be enrolled. To enroll we need official transcripts to be submitted with a GPA of 2.50.
  • Requirements: Bachelor's degree with 2.50 GPA
  • Continuous enrollment, evaluation of application/enrollment takes 2-3 days.

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iteach Louisiana

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