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Thank you for changing lives.

We are saying thank you this week, and throughout the year, to the extraordinary educators who have worked tirelessly with students and families to help the youth of our community build the foundation for their futures.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Month!

To show appreciation for all your hard work and commitment to the children of our community, many Baton Rouge businesses are offering discounts and events for teachers for the whole month of May. We hope you can join us!


May 10

Wellness Wednesday: Pure Barre x TFA

Come and get a fun workout at Pure Barre!


May 12

Teach225 Toast for Teachers

Teach225 would like to make a toast to teachers and educators for the hard work they do every single day at Red Stick Social from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.


May 17

Wellness Wednesday: Yoga with LRCE

Come and spring into wellness!


May 24

Wellness Wednesday: EBR Schools x Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge

Come and get a fun cardio workout!