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Louisiana Resource Center for Educators

Ensuring all students in Louisiana have access to an equitable education through Champion Teachers.


Online Instruction/Courses

Live Courses

At a Glance:

Teacher Certification training for grades PreK-12 in the following subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • General Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language
Special Education Certification includes:
  • Mild to Moderate Dual Certification
  • Special Education Mild to Moderate Add-On Certification
  • Application $67.25
  • Sped Pro $3,920.00
  • Teach! Level 1 $4,945.00

About the Program

Program Features

Teacher Leadership

  • Practitioners engage in the deep, self-reflective learning that focuses on their individual purpose for teaching, the skills and mindsets required to be an effective leader, their personalized vision for their classroom community, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work necessary to lead all students toward equity.

Classroom Environments

  • Practitioners learn the key mindsets and skills to be able to build a classroom community with high expectations for all students based on trusting relationships, a positive, caring, and structured community, and the skill to be able to appropriately work with students to support their social and emotional development.

Content Certification

  • Practitioners become content experts through coursework specifically designed to help practitioners deeply understand the competencies and skills necessary to lead students toward grade-appropriate learning outcomes. This coursework specifically focuses on what science tells us about how teachers should teach and what students should specifically be learning in each content certification area.

Special Populations

  • Some students require special consideration and attention to ensure equal opportunity for success in an educational setting. LRCE work with practitioners to ensure that they build their own background knowledge and skills to support a variety of diverse and specialized learning needs.

Science of Teaching Reading (For ECE, ELEM, ELA, and SPED Practitioners)

  • This coursework is designed to empower educators with foundational reading skills based on the science of reading that can be applied to classroom instruction regardless of the curricula that is used. The coursework focuses on understanding the roots of the science of reading, the processors used to learn how to read, and how to make meaning from what students are reading.

Deans for Impact

  • LRCE partners with Deans For Impact, a national organization focused on improving student-learning outcomes through focusing on learning by scientific design.
Program Schedule
  • Summer Institute: Candidates complete Phase One over an intensive seven-week program and Phase Two during their Practitioner License Year. Candidates can complete this program in as little as one calendar year.
  • School-Year Institute: Candidates complete our Phase One Institute over the course of an entire school year and complete Phase Two during their Practitioner License Year the following year. Candidates complete this program in two academic years.
  • SPED Pro: Spring & Fall cohorts meet two nights each week, wrapping at the end of each semester. Summer cohort meets in an intensive seven-week program during June and July.


LRCE's ideal candidate has a proven track record of demonstrating their cultural tenets. Using a solid foundation of values, the program works to ensure teachers have the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to drive toward creating a classroom community that is best for all students and leads to educational equity. LRCE believes that all students should experience a safe and supportive learning environment led by student-centered, reflective teachers that focus on grade-appropriate student outcomes using culturally competent and scientific pedagogy. Practitioners learn to create such a community through interdependent, core coursework and individualized feedback and coaching. This program models best teaching practices to ensure that practitioners, like their future students, commit their learning to long-term memory and have the skills to be independently successful.

Support for Candidates

Candidates receive support even before they join their very first live session. LRCE works with candidates to ensure they complete their Praxis requirements through a partnership with 240 Tutoring, asynchronous Praxis coursework, and individualized feedback and coaching. Because the program recognizes that candidates are entering the program with various life experiences, it offers a variety of pre-institute coursework to help practitioners feel ready for Day 1. Once in the program, individualized feedback is provided to ensure that the focus is on support and ensuring that practitioners are mastering their skills and not focusing on a grade. After the initial institute, LRCE coaches work with practitioners to prepare for the first day of school by providing feedback on plans and practicing for those first days. Coaching continues throughout the Practitioner License year to ensure that practitioners drive toward student outcomes in the classroom and execute the skills taught at LRCE.

Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to core coursework, LRCE hosts lagniappe sessions focused on topics that extend beyond certification requirements. These sessions focus on high-interest topics that practitioners request. Additionally, LRCE partners with local organizations like Louisiana Educators Association, A+PEL, CanopyEd, and New Schools For Baton Rouge to provide additional professional development opportunities.

Ready to Apply

What You Need to Apply
  • Official transcript showing completion of Bachelor's Degree
  • Statement of Purpose: 250-word essay explaining your interest in becoming a certified educator
  • Resume
  • Praxis Content & Core
  • Praxis exemption if eligible (Proof of an ACT score of 22 or higher or a Master’s degree)
  • OR passing scores for Praxis Core, registration for the test, or a scheduled retest date.

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