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The Opportunity You've Been Waiting For

Feeling stuck in your career? Do you want to give back to your community? Become a teacher. Bachelor's degree not required to start.

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Discover a Fresh Start

Job Security

Job Security

Teachers will always be needed to educate our youth. In the midst of the current teacher shortage, our communities are in need of qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Job security also means salary security.

Make a Lasting Impact

Make a Lasting Impact

Education is empowering. Being a teacher allows you to empower students, not only educationally, but also as you help them build the foundations for their futures.

Grow Within Your Career

Grow Within Your Career

Continue developing your skills and advance your career. There is no limit on learning and growing in a teaching career.

How much can you make as a teacher?

Use the slider to see what your financial future could look like. All compensation amounts below are annually calculated and illustrative. Ranges can vary widely depending on education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience.


Novice to Level I

Level II to Level III

Level IV to Level V

How to Choose a Program

Education Prerequisites

Research Programs

Contact the Program

Prep for Praxis

What education is needed?

It is important to know what you need to become a certified teacher in Louisiana.

At the minimum, all Louisiana certification programs require you to have a bachelor’s degree of any kind from an accredited college or university.

Most colleges have experienced transition counselors that can assist in determining a field of study that can get you completed in the shortest (and often least expensive) way possible.

Learn More About the Programs

Once you have your bachelor's degree or you are close to graduating, review the listing of Louisiana teacher preparation programs.

Sort programs by region, city, size, or any number of criteria and read more about each on their individualized pages.

Suggested programs in our area are found below.

Chat With a Program Representative

Navigate to the program website and connect via email or phone call.

Ask questions such as schools they partner with, cost, length of the program, etc.

Study and Prepare for Your Praxis Exam

Praxis tests are exams that you have to take to or to finish out your teacher certification.

These exams vary depending on what grade or subject you’re thinking of teaching.

Prep providers, like the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators (LRCE), can walk you through exactly what you’ll need.

A Program Perfect for You

Oxford Teachers Academy (OTA) at Reach University

Study to become a teacher while still working full time.

  1. Apply for a teaching assistant position at one of Baton Rouge's many charter schools.
  2. Get your bachelor's degree through Reach University and work full-time as a teaching assistant.
  3. Get college credits as you work with students.
  4. Be the amazing teacher you were meant to be.
  5. Continue growing with the help of Teach225's resources and certification partners.

Benefits of a Career in Teaching

  • Weekend, holidays, and summers off
  • Retirement opportunities
  • Incentives for continued education
  • Job stability
  • Giving back to your community
  • Making an impact on future generations

Looking for a job?

Browse our new job board and add your resume into our system so hiring educators can find you.

Explore Job Board

What Type of School Is Right for You?

Charter schools are tuition-free schools of choice that are publicly funded but independently run. Please note, each environment is different. School leaders and the culture they’ve cultivated among staff also impact the school you choose.

Charter Schools

  • Flexible + easy to transfer retirement
  • Above-average pay
  • Instructional autonomy

EBR Parish Schools

  • Access to district supports & development
  • Average pay to competitive salaries
  • Stable retirement options

Private Schools

  • Smaller classes
  • Incorporation of religious beliefs throughout the school structure
  • Access to religious classes and training


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"Educators are the key to our future."

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