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Jasmin White: Educator Spotlight

May 2, 2024

Let's celebrate our Educator of the Month, the amazing Jasmin Corine White! Hailing from Zachary, Louisiana, Jasmin is not just an educator; she's a Delta Sigma Theta Sorority member, a devoted aunt to her two nieces and three nephews, one godson, and the third of four siblings. After graduating from Belaire High School, she pursued her passion for education, earning her bachelor's degree from Southern University and A&M College in 2013. Jasmin's journey in teaching began as a Pre-K Paraprofessional, where she discovered her true calling. Since then, she's earned not one but two master's degrees, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction. Over the past seven years as a certified teacher, Jasmin has taught a range of grades and subjects (from Pre-K to Third), impacted her students' lives with her dedication, and has had an enthusiasm for education. Here's to Jasmin White, an educator who inspires and uplifts daily!

What do you teach, and where?
I teach 2nd grade Reading, Writing, and Spelling at Rollins Place Elementary in Zachary, Louisiana.

What's your favorite thing(s) about being an educator?
One of my favorite things about being an educator is having the ability to foster experiences with my students that extend beyond the classroom. My second favorite thing about being an educator is creating a classroom environment that encourages comfort and acceptance. Lastly, my favorite thing about being an educator is witnessing the amount of growth a student can make in just one academic school year. It is heartfelt and amazing to see 7-8-year-olds motivate themselves to be successful so their teacher will be proud of them.

How do you like to unwind?
I like to unwind by shopping online. LOL! Honestly, I unwind by setting boundaries for myself. Once I leave the school building, my "teacher brain" immediately shuts off, and I can instantly relax my mind.

Three things on your bucket list:
Three things on my bucket list are going shopping with Crystal Renee Hayslett, taking a trip to Paris, France, and read at least 50 books in one full year.

On her day off, Jasmin is most likely doing this:
Lying in bed, laughing at something on TikTok, spending time with nieces and nephews, or hanging out with her people.

What is your favorite thing about Baton Rouge?

My favorite thing about Baton Rouge is the downtown area.

This song will immediately get me out of my seat:
Don't judge me, but the song that immediately gets me out of my seat is T.T.G.

Three words to describe you:
Three words that people have used to describe me are thoughtful, reserved, and no-nonsense.

Favorite Baton Rouge restaurant:
My favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is Pluckers.